#ROW80 3

I love a writing challenge. Something about knowing a whole bunch of other crazy writers are out there hammering away at their own goals, making strides toward their dreams. Romantic, isn’t it? On this fine July day begins ROW80 3! ROW80 is an 80-day writing challenge where you set your own goals and cheer on […]

Indie Summer

I plan to be a very busy writer this summer, but I’ll still make time for reading, of course! For a couple of reasons I’m making it an Indie Summer: My iPad is proving a comfortable, convenient way to read for me; and I’m really excited about what I’m seeing in the indie publishing movement. […]

Konrath the Godsend: Read His Latest Post!

I’ve probably mentioned Joe Konrath and his blog A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing before. I wish I could claim to be in some way a friend to this dude, but I’m just a distant admirer. Seriously, the information Joe provides is incredibly helpful. If he’s not on your radar, click the link above and I’m […]

May Goal: Success!

Final word count: 25,545. Now that feels nice! I didn’t hit 30,000 words, which was one part of my goal. But I did meet the most important goal: I wrote the entire first draft of a novella in May. All twenty-four chapters are there, and they’re in pretty decent shape for a first draft. I’ll set this project aside […]

May Goal: Halfway There!

Present word count: 12,683 I’ve come to realize that this first draft is unlikely to be 30,000 words. And that’s okay. It’s flowing nicely, and I’ve completed the first 11 chapters, out of 23 chapters total. Today and tomorrow I’m going back to the drawing board, fleshing out the next bunch of chapters with notes […]

Read The Shorts

If you’re a writer, or know a writer of short fiction, you must check this out. It’s called Read the Shorts. Quoting from the website’s About Us page:  ReadtheShorts.com is dedicated to connecting aspiring writers to avid readers. Tired of the publishing game, with queries and rejections, we make sure your beloved story never ends […]

May Goal Update

As of today, I’ve written 6,924 words toward my May goal of 30,000. I’m shooting for 1,000 words a day, so I’m a bit behind the pace I need to maintain to reach 30,000 this month. However, I’ve started eight out of 24 chapters, and completed the draft of several. That’s not bad. I might […]

May Goal

Have you heard of NaNoWriMo? In November, a whole lot of crazies from around the globe attempt to write a novel within the confines of a calendar month. (National Novel Writing Month = NaNoWriMo.) The goal is 50,000 words in 30 days; a brutal pace to keep for an entire month. You learn a lot […]

Self-Publishing Excitement!

For anyone tracking the self-publishing revolution, this is an exciting time! I thought that last month, but I swear, things just keep getting better. Virtually every day I find another self-published author online realizing their dream of sharing their fiction, and even selling their work! Here are a couple of resources I’m keeping track of […]

More About Me

Confession: I want it all. I have a beautiful family, a husband and two small daughters, as well as the family dog. I have a successful career and the blessing of enjoying my day job. I’m interested in politics and world events. (And it could be a full-time job keeping up with developments in that […]