Short Stories

Samhain Born

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Alana has always seen spirits, but after her parents death they are her only company. Lonely and hungry, she seeks out the spirits on Samhain night – her seventeenth birthday – hoping that on this night they can tell her the purpose her second sight serves.

Mother Mala’s Kitchen

Mother Mala's Kitchen2

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Noctua is not free. Choices are few, and precious.

Lili has been raised in the warmth of her grandmother’s kitchen. But ever since the Comandante closed the city when Lili was small, Grandmama has been fomenting revolution inside the safety of these walls. And the freedom sought in Mother Mala’s kitchen is not without cost. Today the price will be paid.

Giant in the Spruce

Giant in the spruce

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A friendly giant visits from another world. There’s hell to pay.

A reclusive artist meets and aids a lost soul, but when his help is repaid, the reward comes with some serious strings.

Mundane and Extraterrestrial Agonies


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When it’s all too much, he’ll be there for you…

Sometimes the only way to deal with the worst news you’ve ever heard is to invent a problem only you can see. A beneficial distraction. The trouble is, how do you confirm what is invention, and what is reality? And in the end, does it matter?

The Harshlands and Eternal Summer


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The travelers would change their world.

When Panil sees the newcomers approaching, change is in the air like smoke on the breeze. But his teacher does not hear him – she believes all will be well, or so she says. The elder Nashat has done her best to pass her knowledge on to her young students, but even her patience and unparalleled wisdom cannot save Panil from the pride and fire of youth. And it might be that nothing can save their world from the change to come.

Dragon Dead by Natural Causes

Dragon Dead by Natural Causes

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The story of a lifetime. The end of a life.

Jennifer and her laid-off reporter husband are on a spur of the moment road trip to lighten Larry’s unemployment blues. There turns out to be more to see in the desert than they imagined. Can Jennifer turn their troubles around with the story of a lifetime?

Fly Straight and True


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Sometimes a dream is just the beginning.

Isa’s dreams hold power. The entire village knows it, which is why she is not yet married with a home of her own. At the end of a long cruel winter, she receives a dream that she can’t stop thinking about. Could the dream be the answer to her family’s hunger? Might she finally prove her worth at the same time?