Feds Want to End Wolf Protections, Plus a Fascinating Post on Wolves & Society

Earlier today, the U.S. federal government moved to end most remaining protections for gray wolves in the lower 48 states. Here’s the AP News report

Fantasy author Tracy Falbe had a fascinating post on her blog today about Michigan wolves. She uses a current controversy in her state to examine humanity’s relationship and fascination with wolves and the idea of wolves.

Many of you are into paranormals, like werewolves, but how much time do you spend thinking about the real deal? More than 6,000 wolves run wild over the Northern Rockies and the western Great Lakes. My own state has close to 50 verified wolves…and if you’ve ever seen the vast tracts of wilderness here, that statement would probably make you sad, like it does me.

In Oregon, we have a complex relationship with wolves, much as Tracy says is the case in Michigan. I completely agree with her that these animals are a symbol of freedom, and they touch us. They are at once familiar, with their similarities to man’s best friend, and frightening in their wildness. We yearn to know they’re out there, because in their freedom they show us freedom is possible…and yet we also feel the need to protect ourselves (and our property) from them.

Photo from National Geographic

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2 comments on “Feds Want to End Wolf Protections, Plus a Fascinating Post on Wolves & Society

  1. I’m actually appalled at this whole thing. There has been a push from commercial interests for years to have the protections removed, so it purely motivated by greed. Companies want the land granted to the wolves. And various farming communities having been pushing to end the protections as well. It kind of makes me sick.

  2. Yes, Andrew. I agree. But let’s not end at feeling sick about it. That’s too fatalist for me. We live in a democracy, and there is a public comment period. I will write tonight to the President and my Congressional representatives. It isn’t hard if you write up one letter and then submit it to the President, your two senators and your House representative. If everyone who thinks like us does so, it won’t happen.

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