Indie Book Review: Secrets of the Wolf

Secrets of the Wolf (Libby Fox, #2)Secrets of the Wolf by Lauralynn Elliott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The second book in the Libby Fox trilogy delivers on the promise developed in the first book. The book moves quickly from progress with the developing romance to the introduction of yet another hot male on Libby’s hands, one who threatens to compete with Adam for alpha status in Libby’s life. Libby continues to dive into perilous situations with half-cocked plans; her sheer tenacity kept me on her side, waiting to see what challenge was next around the corner. Secrets of the Wolf is a great sequel, and while there was closure, the ending left me wanting more. I know Libby does, too. So we’ll have to see how she handles that in the third book.

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