Meet Erotic Romance Author Reina Stowe!

Hi there! Welcome to my first ever author interview on my blog. I need to spice things up here, so the first author I’m interviewing is the newly published Reina Stowe, who released her erotic romance story Open Me a few weeks ago.

You’ve recently self-published your first erotic romance story. Tells us a little about your path to publication.
I’ve always like to read and write romance and erotic romance, especially short stories. When I got a Kindle from my ex-boyfriend for Christmas last year, I discovered self-published authors and began researching indie publishing.  I’m one to read every book on a subject before I dive in, so I spent the last several months reading up on obtaining cover art, formatting, editing and marketing.  Then I chose my most polished short story, Open Me, and worked on getting it up to snuff. 
Almost everything about self-publishing has been wonderful.  I say almost because between school and working on my next story, I haven’t spent very much time on marketing – I definitely have room for improvement on that front!  Have I thanked you for interviewing me on your blog yet? 🙂 Thanks for helping me get my name out there.

What made you choose erotica?
I chose erotica because it really lends itself to the short story format. I know that when I’m reading erotica, I appreciate a plot, but I also want to get to the steamy parts pretty quickly and I think most erotica readers feel that way.  I want to be a little invested in the characters, but it’s not necessary for me to know their whole backstory to want to read about their sexual adventures.

What’s the hardest thing about writing in your genre? (Ahem. Aren’t I just terrible? Can’t help myself.)
Ha!  I think we all know what the hardestthing is. 🙂  The most difficult thing about writing erotica, honestly, is coming up with different ways to say the same thing.  I’ve worn out my Thesaurus looking up all the synonyms for thrusting, groping and uh, entering. Also, working out certain moves while sitting on my couch with my laptop isn’t the easiest. I’m lucky I live alone because I know I look completely ridiculous pantomiming, for instance, how one character would cup the others’ face in their hands.

What inspires you?
My friends and my readers. I think when you write erotica you have a sort of responsibility to not only entertain but stimulate.  I want everyone to be having great sex and I think writing characters that show what great sex is lets my friends and readers know what I think they deserve in their lives.

What inspired the story Open Me?
I knew my last boyfriend for over six years before we started dating.  We always ran in the same circles, dated each others’ friends, all the while we were attracted to each other. When we finally told one another how we felt, well, things went better than either of us thought they could.  We were together for three years and although we’re broken up – he moved to another state for a work opportunity – we remain close.  So, that relationship inspired the base of Open Me – the idea for the boxes of sex toys and the photography studio just sort of happened.

Tell me something you’re dying to write about, but haven’t yet managed to work in to a story.
I would love to write a M/M story, but I’m worried about getting it right. I don’t think I would have a problem writing the characters or the romance, but I’d have to read a lot of M/M and maybe chat up some of my gay friends to make sure the sex was accurate.  Now that I think about it, that research sounds more fun than daunting.

Any sneak peeks about what you’re up to in 2012?
I’m currently working on a story titled Twenty Questions about a man and a woman that meet in a grieving widows/widowers support group and I’m outlining another story about a single mom trying to get back in the dating scene after a divorce and a cab driver.
I’m looking forward to the holidays so that I’ll have more time to work on both.

Thanks, Reina! 

You can purchase Reina’s debut short story, Open Me, for $0.99 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. Support this indie author by reviewing her work after you read it!

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