Mid-Week Update: Boy Am I Glad It’s Wednesday

Hi there. It’s Wednesday, which for me means my last day commuting to my office for the week. The trip is fifty miles — one way — so it’s a major blessing that I’m able to work from home two of my workdays. But by Wednesday night, I’m whipped. That’s why I usually avoid my ROW80 updates in the middle of the week…I just can’t take trying to dig in and be creative, even for a blog post. This round I’ll try to be better about at least making it around to others’ blogs in the middle of the week; even that feels draining sometimes on a Wednesday. By the time the kids are in bed, I could stare at the wall for an hour and go to bed myself. lol

We’re only a couple of days in, but I have found time to start organizing my thoughts about the revisions my novel needs. This week, I’m answering a lot of my own questions about what the book needs to add life and depth to its pages. Next week, I’m taking it back to outline, justifying each and every scene, and then brainstorming scenes to fill any gaps I see. I know there are many. It feels like a grand adventure to pull the story apart like this, and I know it will make the book much stronger. I’m hoping my brain proves it’s been chugging along on how to pull the pieces back together — come on brain!

I hope all you ROWers have had a productive start to round 2! And any other writers out there, let me know what you’re up to on your projects. Can you freaking believe it’s spring already?

About J.R. Pearse Nelson

J.R. Pearse Nelson is a native Oregonian, residing in the beautiful Portland area. She lives with her husband, two small daughters and the family dog. J.R. is always searching for the magic in our world. She weaves tales rooted in mythology, bringing legend to life in modern-day and fantasy settings. J.R. is the author of the Children of the Sidhe paranormal romance series, the Foulweather Twins fantasy series, and the Water Rites fantasy series. You can connect with J.R. online at her website. Visit jrpearsenelson.com.

1 comment on “Mid-Week Update: Boy Am I Glad It’s Wednesday

  1. Wednesdays are hard for me, too, because after I get back from church, I’m just so tired. I had no idea you had a 50 mile commute. I’ll never complain about my 12 mile one again.

    I’m glad you’re able to think about revisions. Your approach is interesting and it really makes a lot of sense. Everyone approaches editing differently. Good luck “pulling your story apart”. LOL

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