My Favorite Baby Books

I reached a bit of a tearful milestone the other day, as I acknowledged it was time to clean my girls’ bookshelf and get rid of books geared for younger kids. My oldest just turned four, and her sister is two. They still get a kick out of the board books, especially the lift the flap variety, but we have so many books…and it’s time to clear some space. 
Back in September, I had a conversation with a good friend and mentioned I’d pass along books we no longer needed for her child to enjoy. I haven’t been able to do it — I’m too attached to my kids’ books!
Then I realized I do have a way to preserve my memory of my favorite baby books…here on my blog! It might also be useful for those of you shopping for little ones. With children’s books, I believe the illustration is often as important as the writing, so I’m trying to list both authors and illustrators of my favorite books for babies and toddlers. So, here’s my list:

Books I LOVE That I’m Passing On

Usborne touchy-feely books (written by Fiona Watt, illustrated by Rachel Wells): That’s Not My Pony; That’s Not My Dragon; That’s Not My Fairy. (That’s Not My Bunny was too well-loved to pass on.)

Big Red Barn (written by Margaret Wise Brown, pictures by Felicia Bond)
Is Your Mama a Llama? (written by Deborah Guarino, illustrated by Steven Kellogg)
Go, Dog. Go! (P.D. Eastman)
Books We’ve Outgrown, That I Couldn’t Bring Myself to Pass On

Sandra Boynton books. We have a ton of them, and I can’t give them away. Too many memories of belly laughs, the dog howling (his way of singing along to HIS favorites), and other silliness.

Goodnight Moon (Margaret Wise Brown, pictures by Clement Hurd). This book is too precious to part with, and I’ll probably hold on to it forever. It was my sister’s night-time ritual book when her girls were tiny, and she gave it to me when I became a mom.

Guess How Much I Love You (written by Sam McBratney, illustrated by Anita Jeram). I’ve read this to my kids too many times, and the responses it gets from little ones are too cute for me to think of giving it away. Sappy, eh? What can I say?

Sweet Dreams, Mimi (a Baby Einstein book by Julie Aigner-Clark, illustrated by Nadeem Zaidi). Another book I used to read to my girls quite often at bedtime.

How about you? Do you have a favorite baby or toddler book?

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  1. Guess How Much I Love You is one of my very faves!! I read it to my son so much. I really want to get some of the cute stuff with quotes from the book from Etsy (necklaces and stuff).

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