Sunday Update: A Decent Week

It was a busy summer week, with kind of an odd-ball work schedule that had me in the office on my usual day off. We also went to Eugene for a sibling’s wedding reception and to stay over with my husband’s Dad and step-Mom.

Adding to the swirl of excitement over the weekend was the fact that we’re heavy into planning our trip to Hawaii in early September with this same part of the family. The folks are about to have their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary; we’re having our tenth this month; and little sis and her husband are having their fifth anniversary. So — to the islands!! A crazy scheme hatched at little sis’s wedding reception five years ago, and now it’s so close to being a reality….time really flies.

On to writing progress! I had a minimal week in terms of word count. I wrote Monday through Wednesday, accumulating my minimum goal of 2,000 words. And then I haven’t touched my manuscript since. Fail! But…like I said, it’s been an oddball week. According to Kait’s challenge for the week to add 10%, I’d be shooting for 2,200. I’ll do better than that, people. I want to finish this draft!! Still somewhere around 13,000 words remaining.
I did great on the editing front, thanks to help from hubby and then the grandparents on Saturday morning. I finished my paper edit of Descent. This week, I’ll incorporate the paper revisions. Next week I’ll add a couple of scenes I need to write. Then it’s off to my editor, who’s expecting it by the 15th. Even with my trip to Hawaii, I can probably still publish this book at the end of September. My hope is to get it in beta hands by September 5, so betas can have at it while I’m off working on my vitamin D levels. 
My third goal this round is to read fiction every day, even if it’s just for ten minutes. I’m not doing well here. I’ve been afraid to get distracted from my own writing by picking up one of my favorite authors — Carrie Vaughn — whose recent release in her series about Kitty the werewolf has been sitting forlornly on the shelf above my desk for weeks… Well, the universe gave me a little kick in the rear over this a few days ago. I subscribe to Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine, and I picked an issue up when I had like two minutes. What did I open it to? A short story from Carrie Vaughn!! See? She needs me to read her books. So I’d better fit that in. I’ve been reading that short in two-minute increments, and I will be picking up that new Kitty book. Love this series. 🙂

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2 comments on “Sunday Update: A Decent Week

  1. Hawaii – how yummy! Hope that’s wonderful

    And hey, you are doing well. I acually find reading fiction prods my imagination. I start thinking how my characters might react in certain scenes. 🙂

    Best of luck on getting everything done.

  2. What a fun week, and Hawaii on the horizon–fantastic! Always good to see a family that continues to get along as adults.

    Nice job on your goals and what a great attitude. You are sure to succeed. Keep up the great work, J.R. 🙂

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