Sunday Update: Squashing My Goals, at Least for This Week

My goal for the summer isn’t very high, because I’ve been feeling more burned out than I like. Being an indie author is a marathon and not a sprint, and I need to live that philosophy, not just talk it. So, I have a goal of 2,000 words of new fiction each week. That assumes at least four days writing at 500 words a day. Totally achievable without adding stress. I write that much just to blow off steam…

…As evidenced by my word count this week. Almost 4,000 words of new fiction, in total.

Monday – 550
Thursday – 2,100
Saturday – 1,200

I worked on two projects this week, getting back into the writing groove on my novel in progress, Chaos Calling, and adding to a fairy tale side project. I’ll make sure to get in 2,000 fresh words at least on Chaos Calling in the coming week. I’m getting eager to finish that first draft.

I’m also revising a novella this summer, and I made great progress there this week, editing seven chapters instead of my goal of five.

My final goal is to read fiction every day, even if it’s just for ten minutes. I made this goal most days of the week.

Best wishes for making your goals in the coming week!

About J.R. Pearse Nelson

J.R. Pearse Nelson is a native Oregonian, residing in the beautiful Portland area. She lives with her husband, two small daughters and the family dog. J.R. is always searching for the magic in our world. She weaves tales rooted in mythology, bringing legend to life in modern-day and fantasy settings. J.R. is the author of the Children of the Sidhe paranormal romance series, the Foulweather Twins fantasy series, and the Water Rites fantasy series. You can connect with J.R. online at her website. Visit

3 comments on “Sunday Update: Squashing My Goals, at Least for This Week

  1. JR, it seems like there’s been a lot of burn-out going around. Good for you for getting back to the marathon frame of mind–I’ve been trying to do the same thing.

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. If you saw my post this morning, my problem is focus. Like Lena said, there seems to be a lot of burn-out going around. What’s the deal with that? Are we putting too much pressure on ourselves so that we can’t relax?

  3. Excellent job on the writing and editing this week. Give yourself a pat on the back and remind yourself it’s okay to pace so you don’t burn out beyond repair.

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