Uncovered Books: Another Opportunity for Authors (and Readers)

I ran into a post on Ryan Casey’s blog a few days ago about a new publishing platform called Uncovered Books. His post will give you the ins and outs, and if you’re interested, as a reader or a writer, check out the site. This service has yet to launch, it is supposed to be coming in spring 2013.

So, what is Uncovered Books? Well….no one knows yet! Trade secrets and all that jazz. They will be launching on iPad and iPhone at first. They hope to be on Android and the web later on. From the FAQ on their website, this is the venture’s aim:

Uncovered Books is a combination of two things; a book discovery experience for readers and an ebook self-publishing platform for writers. You post your book with us and we bring readers to it through our book discovery app. This discovery system leads readers to books they’ll love that they would otherwise never find.

I’ll admit I’m intrigued. I signed up and submitted Queen Witch to be “uncovered.” And, in keeping with that name, there was no place to upload a cover in their submission process. In fact, they might send my ebook back to me, because my epub version has the cover included in the file….but I hope they let readers see the cover at some point. Also, you can submit up to three 800 character excerpts from your book that will help readers get a taste of your style. They also set a rather high floor for book prices — books must cost a minimum of $2.99. Very interesting approach. It’ll be fun as a reader to see if they match me up with new authors and books that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

If you have a book you’d like to submit in anticipation of Uncovered Books’ spring launch, go here.

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  1. There was no place to upload the cover because they are “Uncovered” books. That’s what it says in the FAQs. 🙂

    I’m assuming this is a completely separate app from the actual Apple bookstore. I already sell on Apple through Smashwords, but this shouldn’t affect that. This might be something good to look into!

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