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Yeah! Vessel has a lovely cover, thanks to Tishia at Paragraphic Designs. I love it! The contrast with the Tribute cover revealed last week is really striking, yet there’s continuity. That’s how readers will find these two books, as well. The storyline and characters in the second book are darker than the first.

I’m going to share a scene I cut from Tribute in my final round of edits. I really loved it, but couldn’t keep just one scene with a different viewpoint. I wrote this in the first draft of Tribute, and knew then that Alise and Drake would be the main characters in Vessel.


With Ian’s men hidden in the depths of the cave, where Ian and Hazel would soon tread to meet the Fomorii, Drake left. He had one last errand to run, and he wasn’t looking forward to it.

Drake bit his lip – hard – when his knock reverberated through her silent home. Probably woke her up. Bastard.

Nursing his wound, he watched the house for any sign of movement. Still, he jumped when the door flew open and the dark-haired witch greeted him. Her hair was loose, writhing about her shoulders like angry snakes, and she was clothed only in an ivory linen shift. And she was beautiful.

Seeing him on her doorstep, she let out an exasperated huff and promptly tried to shut the door in his face.

“Alise, wait.” He put his foot in the door to stop her, and got his toes slammed in the bargain. “Dammit. Sorry for waking you.”

“You didn’t wake me. Haven’t you seen the moon? I’m working.”

Drake looked up to see the moon hanging full in the south, just behind him – still hours from setting. He shivered.

“What, Drake? Now you’re starting to freak me out, and I’m fully charged, so don’t freak me out.”

“It’s Hazel.”

Her dark eyes widened with fear. She reached past the open door to grab a long, midnight-blue coat from its peg, swinging it around her shoulders as she stepped out into a puddle of moonlight. “Why didn’t you say so?”

He put a hand on her arm, trying to calm her. “Alise, we may need supplies.”

“First aid supplies?” She gripped his hand roughly.

Drake rolled his eyes. “Magical supplies.”

In terms of an update, I wrote 2,900 words on my work in progress. I’ve been filling in some missing pieces in the first half these last couple of weeks. Now I can feel myself ready to burst with the second half…if only I can find the time to get words on the page!

I’ve also been spending time on Twitter. Haven’t used it enough in the past, and I’m having fun! I’ve doubled my followers this week, and gotten some interest in Tribute.

How about everyone else? How much do you use Twitter, and how do you use it?

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  1. Ooooh I want magical supplies. Lovely scene!

    I do like the contrast between the two covers and am glad you are finding twitter useful. I use it to share little thoughts, promote blog posts I have just put up and during NaNo I am using it for accountability with the word counts and to arrange wordsprints with others!

    Have a great week!

    ps. If you want to add me on twitter I am @Emwantstowrite

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