Vessel Revised!

Yesterday, I completed revisions to Vessel, the second paranormal romance novella in my Children of the Sidhe series. I will get it in the hands of several betas today. That puts me on track to publish around December 1.

I have decided to roll out a new cover for the first novella, Tribute, around the same time I release Vessel. Tishia at Paragraphic Designs is designing both covers for me. She’ll also design a banner for my blog, to spice this place up a little! Tishia’s covers are really fun, and gorgeous. You should check them out at her blog! I’ll also be showing off new covers when I see them, of course. Can’t wait!

In the coming week, I need to knuckle down on my WIP and get words on the page. I set this aside for the past two weeks so I wouldn’t have any excuse for stalling on those revisions. No more of that! So my goal is 4,000 words per week on the urban fantasy until it’s done. If I make that goal this week, it’ll mean busting through the 30,000 mark.

About J.R. Pearse Nelson

J.R. Pearse Nelson is a native Oregonian, residing in the beautiful Portland area. She lives with her husband, two small daughters and the family dog. J.R. is always searching for the magic in our world. She weaves tales rooted in mythology, bringing legend to life in modern-day and fantasy settings. J.R. is the author of the Children of the Sidhe paranormal romance series, the Foulweather Twins fantasy series, and the Water Rites fantasy series. You can connect with J.R. online at her website. Visit

5 comments on “Vessel Revised!

  1. Sounds like you have been working hard, finishing revisions must be a great feeling! Knuckling down to get words on the page is what November will be all about for most of us so you will be in good company!

    I look forward to seeing the new banner!

  2. Getting Vessel into betas’ hands is fantastic! I’m still about 10K away from that glorious moment..hah.

    I’m gaining some more interest in the 12 Days of Christmas Reading Gift List…I put a few more invites out there yesterday. It’s becoming exciting! I’ll have to send an email later in the week. (fingers crossed)

    Have a great week!

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