Own Your Writing Career (Don’t Let It Own You)

A blog series for writers.

Following your joy and intuition to a happy and productive writing life. 

Own Your Writing CareerOwn Your Writing Career (Don’t Let It Own You)

My Writer Path

Always Learning

Always Planning

Always Looking Forward

Embracing the Long Game

Make Every 10-Minute Block Count

Use a One-Touch Policy

Staying Positive, Even When It Hurts

Eyes on the Prize — What Is the Prize, for You?

To Stretch Thy Wings, Thou Must Try New Things

Buying Services AND Building Skills

Your Writing Depends on the Depth of Your Well

Avoid Comparisons — They Are Meaningless

Don’t Worry about Being Wronged — Just Write

Take Advantage of Excitement!

Finish What You Start

Listen to Your Gut; Remember Your Values

Plan for Life to Happen

Celebrate Your Successes!

No Pressure. Seriously.

Success, Oh Terrible Success

Don’t Be Distracted by the Noise


Additional advice and resources I ADORE for authors:


Whether you’re a writer just committing to the butt-in-chair focus of your first novel, or an author of several works, you’ll need to foster connections with other writers in addition to getting words on the page. I could list a million reasons that writers need community, but I’m guessing since you’re reading my “writers” page on the website of a little-known indie fantasy writer, you’re on the hunt for knowledge or community already. There are some truly incredible voices out there, willing to share with you all that they know from their hard-one writing experience. These are the folks I pay attention to on a daily basis. They’re the people who add fuel to my creative capacity.

Dean Wesley Smith (*lectures and writing/publishing workshops available!!!*)

Kristine Kathryn Rusch (award winning and inventive fantasy author and editor)

Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn, which is a podcast, videos on YouTube, and a blog. There are also course offerings and she’s just up to a ton of cool stuff. A MUST LISTEN podcast for writers.

Susan Kaye Quinn (her nonfiction books for authors are MUST READ material for authors operating in today’s market!)

If you’re looking to connect with a bunch of other writers at all stages of improving their craft, visit ROW80 (Round of Words in 80 Days writing community). This welcoming group of writers will swiftly become some of your best writer friends, and you’ll learn something new from them each and every week.

One takeaway message for writers thinking about publishing their work: A brave new world of publishing has entered with the digital revolution. There have never been more options for writers and authors to get their work in front of readers. In general, I encourage writers to do their homework, and choose the option(s) that feel right for them. When I say do your homework, that includes reading (a lot!) on author/writing/publishing blogs, publisher websites, and researching the business of writing. You should know all of your options before you choose what is right for your situation. To that end, get reading, and if you like, you can start with these publishing insiders — also regular reads for me, to keep on top of trends and changes in publishing.

Author Earnings

J.A. Konrath

Hugh Howey

The Passive Voice

And…again: Dean Wesley SmithKristine Kathryn Rusch, and The Creative Penn.

Above all, write on! Enjoy the beauty and joy of creating your own worlds in your own words. Never stop learning and writing! 🙂

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