Castle and Crown (Water Rites #3) — Available Now!

The final installment of the Water Rites series is now available on all retailer sites. This story was a joy to write and now that it’s finished, I hope you enjoy it, too!

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Castle and Crown

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Castle & Crown E-Book Cover

Fighting through the storm may be the only way to survive…

Nothing could have prepared Lorelei Dorian to live among the finfolk, with all of their alien ways. Life among their mind-reading race isn’t safe for her, with all she has to hide, but Lorelei will do anything to reclaim her sealskin and win her freedom. She has already proven that.

Clay’s schemes drive a splintering wedge in the midst of the selkies as he grasps for power. If he gets his way, they’ll all be under his control.

And Lorelei’s not about to let that happen.

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