Descent Cover Reveal & Release Date!

Descent is coming to e-readers near you next Tuesday, November 12th! Here is the lovely cover and a brief snapshot of this fourth (out of five) Children of the Sidhe romance.


When Rosa Elizar thinks of her ex, they aren’t kind thoughts. Mikhail left her, pregnant and alone, four years ago. She can take care of herself; she’s the Guardian of Dubhros and quite skilled at doing so. But Mikhail’s sudden reappearance comes with ill tidings of an Otherworld war – one Rosa is, by birthright, right smack in the middle of. After all this time, can Rosa trust Mikhail with her precious daughter…and her heart?
Mikhail Anndrais has carried his regrets like another sort of armor, every single day since he left Rosa beyond the veil, to raise their child alone. At a time of great danger for his people, the Sidhe, Mikhail must convince Rosa to bring their daughter to Otherworld. Only there, together, will they be able to keep her safe.
Children of the Sidhe
The Sidhe dwindle. Slow to breed and quick to war, the ages have worn away their numbers. An old enemy threatens Otherworld, fearsome in numbers and in newfound magic. The Sidhe’s unloved part-human children strewn about the mortal world are suddenly their greatest source of hope.
A sneak peak inside the latest Children of the Sidhe novella…
Rosa Elizar halted uncertainly on a trail she’d known all her life. What her eyes told her just couldn’t be. She was only half a mile from the Tree of Dubhros, her ward as Guardian of Dubhros, and she knew every inch of the surrounding forest. This world’s bland gray shades couldn’t hide the richness of the forest life from her eye. That was her duty.

Rosa flicked a blade from its scabbard, just in case. The knife she’d chosen was only four inches long, suitable for close-up contact. It was one of a dozen blades she had on her person today. A Guardian had to be prepared. You never knew what you’d come across in Echtge – this shadowy forest dimension that Rosa tried to protect along with her ward.

Case in point…Rosa examined her alarming find for the day.

The creature before her hadn’t been seen since times of legend. She moved cautiously, unsure what to expect from the being that used to be a pixie. Now it was llaiadian, the dark pixie. She’d never seen one – not even a picture, as she hadn’t learned the lore from books – but she knew what it was.

It stared at her, dark eyes unblinking, skin rippling with shadow. Creepy. Losing patience, she flung her short blade without warning. The creature skittered off, and Rosa lost sight of it. She retrieved her knife and slipped it into its accustomed place.

Rosa watched for signs of more of them as she hiked closer to her ward, but she didn’t see any. As she neared the spot where the Tree of Dubhros stood, her heart thumped in her chest, faster and faster as anxiety gripped her–

The Tree of Dubhros stood unmolested at the edge of the clearing.

Rosa allowed herself a single breath of relief, of wonder that this being should depend so wholly on her, faulty and half-human as she was.

“Are you alright, child?” The Tree of Dubhros spoke, a creaking sound like a loud whisper that seemed to fill the clearing.

Rosa smiled. “As always, I am happy to see you, my friend.”

“And I, you, Rosa.” Du’s limbs shuddered, as though he were stretching after waking from a doze.

She nodded. “All is well here?”

A deep rumble she knew for his chuckle sounded around her. “Little changes here. Yes. All is well.”

“Some things do change.”

“What do you mean?” Now his tone was curious. She worried she’d hear fear there next.

“I saw a llaiadian.”

A hush fell all around. Rosa hadn’t realized how much chatter was going on in the underbrush among the small creatures of Echtge. After all, the Tree of Dubhros only had one home. A tree can’t travel portals. It has deep roots.

That was something Rosa knew about. Her mother had fostered deep roots. She’d been human, with a half-Fomorii daughter, and the future Guardian of Dubhros at that. She prayed for Rosa every day, clutching her rosary beads in the local cathedral. She lavished her only daughter with love, games and laughter. Rosa had it good as a kid, despite her differences from others. She’d never had a real human friend as a child. As a kid she was strong. Very strong. And quicker than she should have been. Enough that it alarmed other kids, not to mention their parents. Her friends had been trees. It was probably for the best.

“What is it?” she finally asked, breaking the eerie silence.

“Where did you see this creature? And are you sure it is llaiadian?”

“It is exactly as you have described to me. Small body, wingless, mottled and bluish-gray. It looked as though a storm cloud crept under its skin – like a pixie, yet not at all like a pixie. It is llaiadian. And it was close. About a half-mile from here.”

The hush deepened, if that was possible, and then the creepy silence was broken as chatter erupted in the forest.

“Yes. The creatures of Echtge confirm it. The llaiadian has stepped from legend into reality.” A sadness deep as his ancient roots filled the tree’s voice.

“What does it mean?” Rosa knew if Du was this upset, it was not good.

“A time of darkness is coming. The dark pixies are a sign…that all is not right between the worlds.”

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J.R. Pearse Nelson is a native Oregonian, residing in the beautiful Portland area. She lives with her husband, two small daughters and the family dog. J.R. is always searching for the magic in our world. She weaves tales rooted in mythology, bringing legend to life in modern-day and fantasy settings. J.R. is the author of the Children of the Sidhe paranormal romance series, the Foulweather Twins fantasy series, and the Water Rites fantasy series. You can connect with J.R. online at her website. Visit