Dirt Poor Troubadour: A Multimedia Concept Album

I want to introduce a band I’ve known for…ever. 🙂

Seriously, I met most of these guys in Corvallis about ten years ago, where hubby was very much into the local music scene.

The Flailing Inhalers has always been a fun band, full of incredibly talented and creative musicians. They’re also smart, and playful, and all around enjoyable to listen to and be around. But let me tell you, world, they’re going to knock your socks off with what they’ve put together here. That’s why I’m sharing. I’m proud. This is the new wave of multi-media creativity, and they’re on the cutting edge. None of these guys is one-dimensional, they’re all multi-media artists. Put them together and they’re kicking ass on a new level. The project includes a variety of  visual art work, and even an art-based web series called “Let’s Art,” where you see how some of the art is created, step-by-step. Two episodes are out so far. Check it out! If it appeals, give to their Kickstarter campaign.

I asked a couple of the guys (on very short notice, I’ll admit) about their project Dirt Poor Troubadour: A Multimedia Concept Album. Here’s what Nick Harper had to say:

I guess we were just tired of being an average Oregon rock band. I went back to school to get a degree in multimedia, and we have the perfect content machine sitting at our feet. I think everybody in the band really enjoyed working on go heart yourself, and when it was over, we really started to miss the whole visual element of our band. The idea isn’t really market-driven, since we’d put it together even if no one ever looked at it. We’re just a group of guys that enjoy making cool stuff. 

There is quite a bit of solidarity to our band. We’ve been making music and art for a long time. I’m not sure it would work with a different line-up. That’s not to say that it’s not a struggle sometimes. Everyone has a life outside of this project, and the amount of time that something like this demands can be stressful. As long as we keep motivated and can laugh and have fun every step of the way, we’ll be alright. Honestly, there’s nothing more fun that I could think of than making silly cartoons and pictures, and then singing songs about them. We will continue to be great friends no matter how it all works out. The only thing that could possibly change is that we receive enough attention and success from this project to continue with more.

Thanks for telling us a little more, Nick! You’ll have to keep us in the loop as the project develops!

Visit the band’s website and blog.
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